• Glockenklang Amp: Bass Art Classic Head - 400w

Glockenklang Amp: Bass Art Classic Head - 400w

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Bass Art Classic Head
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Product details

The successor of the legendary Bass Art head with new features and once again improved sound. The input structure featuring two switchable inputs and pre-gain trim has been imported from the SOUL head. The entire preamp section is based on class A technology, now including the tone control, too. A serial effects loop plus an adjustable and switchable parallel FX Loop (featuring an adjustable Bass Cut on the Send output) provide flexible routing possibilities. The incorporated DI output is now adjustable. Increased gain levels provide smooth overdrive. We realized the following improvements:

- 2x 1/4" jack-inputs A and B, front panel switchable built-in A/B box
- Inputs B and XLR Line Driver have an additional pre-damping control Trim-pot from 0 dB to -20 dB, Input B disconnects XLR Line Driver input when used.
- All stages (incl. equalizer) using Class A modules.
- DI Out is level adjustable
- Effect Send features an adjustable basscut (25 - 500 Hz)
- Effect Return (post Eq), is adjustable on the front panel for parallel Loop, with mix feature (0-100%) and frontswitch and footswitch activation, internally switchable to an intensity of 0 to 50% with no changing of dry signal level
- Improved sound again (more detailed, attack and warmth)
-Overdrive function in the input stage adjustable by the Gain pot
- More output power, 400 watts / 4 ohms

To fully realize the tone spectrum of the preamp, we utilized one of the poweramps of the Bugatti 400 for this head!

Technical Data:
19", 4 units
Built-in depth:
240 mm (9.5")
Output power:
400 watts @ 4 ohms, 220 watts @ 8 ohms
Technology: Solid state class A opamp stages in the preamp, bipolar solid state poweramp
Inputs: 2x 1/4" jacks for instruments, XLR 4-pol. for Linedriver, 1/4" jack for Poweramp In
Controls: Trim-pot for Input B, Gain, Master Volume, DI Level, Effect Level for Loop
Equalizer: Treble/Bass, on switchable; semi-parametric Low Mid/High Mid, on switchable
Effects loops:

1x serial mono, on switchable; 1x parallel with adjustable basscut, on switchable

Outputs: Balanced DI XLR switchable pre/post EQ; Line Out 1/4" jack, Tuner Out 1/4" jack, Speakon Speaker Out, 1/4" Phones
Other features: Ground-Lift-switch, footswitch-1/4" jacks for Loop and Tune
Dimensions: 483 x 176 x 261 mm, 19" x 7" x 10.5"
Weight: ca. 17,5 kg (38 lbs)

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