• Fuchs Amp: Mantis Jr. Series - 50w Head or 112 Combo
  • Fuchs Amp: Mantis Jr. Series - 50w Head or 112 Combo

Fuchs Amp: Mantis Jr. Series - 50w Head or 112 Combo

$ 1,995.00

  • Head
  • 1x12" Combo
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The 50 watt version of the Mantis Jr. is intended for the stage.  With the ability to change your tone by swapping the stock 6L6 tubes for the more british-flavored EL-34 tubes, the Mantis Jr can be voiced to suit your style.  Pair the 50 watt head to our Feiten 212 cabinet for a huge heavy tone without the back-breaking weight of a full stack.

2 x 6L6 (EL-34 with re-bias). 50 Watts Class AB 3-12AX7 preamp tubes. (19”x11.5”x8.5”) 30lbs.

The Mantis Jr. Series of amps answers the demand for a heavier sounding amp in the Fuchs line-up. The Mantis® Jr. is based on the ODS®/Casino sized chassis platform, has two channels with a shared Bass, Middle, Treble tone stack, a passive effects loop, and 4-8-16 ohm outputs and will include a 2-way foot switch for channel switching and gain boost.

The two channels each feature a distinct voicing: Channel-1 is a traditional classic English style EQ with tons of gain on tap, cleans up easily from the guitar, and works equally well for chunky rhythm or “brown sound” lead tones. Channel-2 features a higher gain structure with a more strident clipping structure for “modern rock and metal tones”.

This amp also features a foot controlled preset gain boost, has both a presence and thrust control which alter the damping and voicing of the high and low end of the power amp section respectively.

With four models, each available as a head, or combo, we are certain there is a Mantis Jr. model that is just right for you.  Using the same design and manufacturing methods as we pioneered on our Casino series, we offer 4 watt, 20 watt, 50 watt and 100 watt models at the same price point as their Casino series counterparts.

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