• Engl Amp: Special Edition E570 Preamp

Engl Amp: Special Edition E570 Preamp

$ 1,999.99

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The universe of sound built in two rack units, improved for the next generation of ambitious guitar players: The preamp section of the famous E 670 head. 6 basic sounds and 8 switchable sound options to store in 128 Midi presets. From Crystal clean through smooth Jazz, from Texas crunch to pounding Rock, from fat Metal- Punch rhythm to screaming Leads. Get ready to Rack 'n' Roll. 


4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead 1, Lead 2, each one in modern or classic mode, 3band EQ for Clean/Crunch channel plus Crunch
treble, 3band EQ for Lead 1/Lead 2 channel plus Lead 2 treble, Contour, Bright, Ultra Bright, Mid Edge, Mega Low Punch, noise gate, stereo fx loop (serial) 4 x ECC 83
preamp tubes.


MIDI In/Thru, stereo out, balanced recording outs, Custom Z-9 port, Z-3/Z-4 footswitch,
fx send , stereo return.

Dimensions & Weight:

48 x 8,8 x 35 cm, 8 kg

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