• Phil Jones Pure Sound Combo Amp: BG-400 Suitcase Compact 575w Bass Combo - 4x5"

Phil Jones Pure Sound Combo Amp: BG-400 Suitcase Compact 575w Bass Combo - 4x5"

$ 1,199.99

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Product details

This model is based on the no-compromise performance of the original PJB Suitcase.

It is more powerful but physically smaller; in fact the same size as our Compact 4 enclosure. It has an incredible punchy sound cutting through the air like “a knife through butter” but with a solid and powerful low-end response normally associated with a much larger combo.

It features a two-channel pre-amp with our unique 3 band EQ. Simple to find “your sound”, the EQ has amazing control and transparency that allows you to unmistakably hear the true character of your own playing and instrument.

In the heart of this amp lies a formidable ultra-energy power supply. It feeds an efficient class D power amplifier which utilizes almost 95% of this energy to drive the four internal PJB Piranha speakers.

The Suitcase Compact puts out a healthy 300 watts RMS into its own speakers. Adding a Compact 4 cabinet it becomes 500 watts, and adding a Compact 8 it becomes 575 watts.

The future of amps is trending to “smaller and better” but with the Suitcase Compact bass combo, the future is here now!


  • Power: 300W (RMS), 575W (RMS) with ext. Compact 4 speakers
  • Speakers: 4×5″ “Piranha” Type B
  • Controls: 2x (level selector, Volume, 3 Band EQ), Limiter w/ on/off switch, Master Volume
  • Jacks: 2x Input (1/4″ phone)
  • Headphone Out, DI out, FX Send/Return, Tuner Out, Preamp Out, Ext. Speaker  Out (8 Ohm/Speakon)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 14″x12″x14″
  • Net Weight: 40 lbs

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